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    Liquid cooled ARC Comers

    Rainman, they are ARC per WKA rulebook. Grand Products liquidated these and some air cooled 100cc PP engines a while back. I bought 2 of the air cooled ones at the same time. Was a steal of a deal, because nobody was running them, but I foolishly sold them off. :) They have a...
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    Cutting weight off go kart

    Am I missing something here? They're only 4oz. more.... ;) You can use aluminum bolts in non-critical areas. There was a company called, no joke, "Tasty Nuts", that sold aluminum fasteners. Only suitable for things like driver fairings, etc., but every bit counts. Drilling out a seat...
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    Briggs & Stratton V Twin Engine Rebuild

    Nick Hatton, (BentPushrod61) on here had a Briggs 14hp Vanguard V-Twin setup for UAS racing. He can tell you the ins and outs, as well as the weak points they found. It had an awesome sound to it. He's now racing winged outlaw karts, so perhaps it's available? You'd have to ask him. He's...
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    Crash barrier / safer barrier for kart track

    Scribner used to make some, I think... EDIT: If this is current, they still do.
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    RIP, were my favorite to argue with, even if we lined up more than not. If I ever build a kart, it will have no KPI in your honor.
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    426 engine?

    I'd take a 426 with the right tires over a 450 and not...
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    WTB: Comer P50 header

    I actually have a header, but I have to see if it's complete or a kit. Email me --
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    WAKE UPTrack Promotors

    What part of BOX STOCK is so hard to understand? Want to play? Want to optimize? Want to garage engineer? GO FIND A DIFFERENT CLASS!!! The point isn't ease of use or optimazation, it is BOX STOCK TAKE THE ENGINE OUT OF THE EQUATION. I'd make the claim $25 and engine trade. And I'd make it...
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    Boy do I need some help

    Another option....this sounds like an "over tire-d" class. IF you don't need extra sidewall grip to help the main tread, run a narrower rim, and that will push the tire footprint out in diameter... Might save a lot of stretching. But only if you can get away with it grip-wise.
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    Any artists in here?

    Prefer sculpture, but do drawing too. it's been a while, though. I am just getting back into airbrushing helmets.
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    Prep smell control

    Obvious answer: stop prepping. :) Not likely, I know....
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    I'll take TiG by a skilled welder anyday....better heat control, less HAZ, neater appearance. @XXX#40 Without true destructive testing, hard to know which was better in your case...a function of penetration and filler match to base material...
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    Amputee adapting brake pedal system.

    Or, if you preferred, you could fabricate a floor pan mounted pedal for your remaining leg portion to use... Perhaps a cupped pedal that was padded? Might require driver suit modifications... FWIW, there was a double amputee in the roadracing series who was very successful! Kudos to staying...
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    Amputee adapting brake pedal system.

    I would move the brake to the right pedal and add a hand above. Use either an ATV thumb throttle, or conventional lever. The Honda Odyssey ATV's used controls on the wheel, if that could be adapted. I raced against a driver with spina bifida who used hand controls. Contact AJ...
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    Anyone ever use the Alfano 6 tach/datalog?

    Alfano 6 Lite is what I'm $390, seems reasonable. I'll report back here if I go that way...