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    Tire battle

    Whats up with all these tracks and series in south and southeast banning Venom Juice's Armor Wall technology? Have seen alot of drama on facebook lately from Kevin because his product is being banned everywhere it seems like. Just curious what exactly started all of this? It seems like a great...
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    Dover Power Tire Wash and Tire Cleaner

    Just wanted to say, if you have not yet tried the Tire Wash and Tire Cleaner that Dover Power sells, you are missing out on some really good stuff! It is Der-Kel brand tire wash and cleaner, they are 2 different products and they work very well together for the tires we use in dirt track racing...
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    Any interest in an open KT100?

    Friend of mine has a nice open KT100 built by Adkins that he is wanting to sell. We don't know much about the engine other than it is a really strong one and is fresh, has not been fired or ran in years. Comes with an extra billet 28mm CMP carb that looks identical to a tillotson except its a...
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    voodoo help needed

    I've got a clean 2010 voodoo that we have just never really been able to get much speed with. Do these karts prefer low cross or higher cross? Racing on low-med bite Midwest farm dirt tracks which are mostly short tracks, 1/5 to 1/10 mile. What is a good starting point for setup?
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    bully conversion drum

    I'm needing to know the specs on the little spacer that comes with the Bully conversion drum for Hilliard clutches, its the little spacer that goes on the crank and that the clutch driver rides on, its a bushing I guess you would call it. Not the big washer between the clutch and basket, but the...
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    flywheel weight difference

    Does anyone know the weight difference between the old black BSP billet steel flywheel and the stock flywheel that comes on clones? The billet actually feels a little heavier to me but don't have a scale big enough to weigh them
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    looking for roller rockers

    Does anyone have a used set of roller rockers for the animal that they would want to sell fairly cheap? Can't see the need to spend almost $200 for a new set of rockers when a used set would work just as well, honestly. Let me know if you have a set you don't need please, thanks
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    Pro predator stroker on alky

    Trade for a race ready SBR unrestricted flathead that is fresh?
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    Having some trouble with the Unilli tires and wondering if maybe I'm doing something wrong, needing some help. I ran Unilli tires a few years ago and they worked decent, but not as well as the Burris we normally use. I got a few sets recently from a friend of mine and have been trying to use...
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    Air pressures on dirt....discussion

    I had a couple new racers ask me a couple of questions last week that I honestly was not sure how to answer. We were talking about air pressures racing on dirt, and I was asked "How do you know when you have the right air pressure for the track you are racing on or track conditions?" I really...
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    animal loop pipes?

    Are there any loop pipes out there for animals? I have an old flathead loop pipe that was broke off just past the double loop, long enough that I could weld a flange and bugle tip on it and have a nice pipe I think...but I'm wondering if there are any loop pipes for the animal already on the market?
  12. W do you know when its just right?

    The question is, how do you know when you have the camber just right for any particular racetrack? I have always went off experience, less for flat tracks and more for banked tracks is what has been working for me. When I say less I mean less negative right front and less positive left front...
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    crank questions

    I have a couple questions about the flathead cranks guys. I have a flathead crank in my open animal right now, which is beginning to wear out on the flywheel taper from being lapped so much, and needing to replace the crank. I have another one here that I was told was a flathead crank when I...
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    slipping timing issue

    I have an open animal that I ran all last season without a single issue, but after making some changes over the winter, I having an issue I simply cannot fix no matter what and would like some opinions here. This is a stroker animal, flathead crank, 2.776 bore Havoc dome piston, somewhere around...
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    What is the best way to time an animal without a degree wheel or timing light? I am thinking someone posted before a way to time them by how far the piston is in the hole, but have not been able to find that post by searching. This is a Gen 5 animal, flathead crank and stroker rod, dome piston...