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    ISO: complete sell outs OH/KY/TN/NC/IN/MI/IL

    In search of complete sell outs in those states. Let Me Know what you have, cash in hand!
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    New guy looking for Rollers

    Contact me at 4193076943
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    Selling Out

    All still available? If so contact me 419-307-6943
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    Complete sell out East Tn

    Seriously interested please text me 419-307-6943
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    sellout danville il

    Sent you a message
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    thank you devon and joey

    thanks for making my engine look go at Columbus with a 1st and 3rd. paul
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    Engine Prices WOW !!!!!

    sad but true
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    Engine Prices WOW !!!!!

    dont give your flat heads away.
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    you will have over 200.00 in parts better to sell and buy something else.
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    Input on the C-4

    the c4 was built after the lgc, witch was for the low bight tracks like ohio.they like 56 to 58 cross in northern ohio tracks