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    Ford 6.7

    Depending on model year those cac tubes have extended coverage on them. Up by the emergency brake lave there is a large 70 some odd pin connector discount it make sure clean and dry and if your local parts store has connector stabilizer apply a small amount and reconnect. I do not recommend...
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    Pomfret Speedway revised schedule

    Pomfret speedway on Jackson road in pomfret Connecticut. We will be having 6 point races and 2 special events, it is as follows; July 11th practice 12th race day July 25th Saturday evening race August 8 practice 9th race day August 22nd Saturday evening race September 4-5-6 Labor Day...
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    LO 206 engine? Dirt tracks?

    Lo206 champ is very popular in the northeast at almost all tracks we go to.
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    Miscellaneous leftovers for sale.

    No thanks. Ship anything lately??
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    Miscellaneous leftovers for sale.

    Degree wheel has the arbor to attach to engine. As shipped from manufacturer
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    Adult flathead

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    Adult flathead

    Purchased off bobs last year from reputable shop, I was told it is a Dover dual bearing block and carb, .025 bore 07-3 cam. I ran it twice and it seems just fine, will ship complete with chain guard and pipe/muffler. Priced for quick sale $250 shipped
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    Chain Maintenance

    We soak in wd then just hang dry them. Lube as needed.
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    Londonderry Raceway Reopening

    Way to be positive 👍🏻
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    Misc. Items in Connecticut

    Gears sold!
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    Misc. Items in Connecticut

    Top! Cleaning out my trailer!
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    WKA adult animal perfect for NCKS

    This is an excellent engine at a fair price.
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    Ltb parts

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    Ltb parts

    I also have a 35” axle if interested
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    Ltb parts

    I have an older style trick olympic wheel. $30 plus shipping