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    Mychron 4 cht problems

    I have a mychron 4 that is having a few issues. The temperature was way off so I bought a new cht lead. Well with the new one it reads 214 or so when it should be in the 60's. I have tried 2 other cht leads and a egt sensor same scenario. Hooked all of them up to another tach and they read...
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    390 rocker arms

    Looking for some 1.2 arms non roller. Looked everywhere can't find them.
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    Hydraulic dyno

    Just got the dyno finished trying to make runs with it. When everything is cold it will load up with my valve, but after a few seconds I can turn it by hand with my valve shut. It's a needle style valve. I'm thinking the valve has a built in bypass or something. But it's not loading up at...
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    premier magnum clutch

    We run these clutches on a 390 in a mini cup weighing shy of 800lbs. They work good for about one night then start chattering and grinding noises. We can clean them and sand the drum and it's good for about 3 engagements before they start again. Everyone we race with are switching over to the...
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    cht vs. egt

    So which is a more useful tool for a gx 390 on race fuel. Also what is a normal heat range for them. We have always used the cht, figured we might try something new. Thanks.
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    building a dyno

    What, or where is everyone finding a flywheel for a inertia dyno. I have looked all over the internet, that's the only thing that would hold me up on building one. Thanks
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    spark across the outside of the plug.

    I'm working on a evinrude 140 from the 70's and it is very entertaining. I started it up last night and was fixing some other problems and noticed the spark was running from the plug boot all the way down the ceramic part and grounding out on the metal part of the plug. Put new plugs in still...
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    electric fuel pumps

    What kind of electric fuel pumps are y'all guys running. I was able to get all my motor mounts welded and shifter and clutch lever mounts welded up. Next will be wiring, gas tank and mount the battery, exhaust. It should work out good the shifter is on the left side of the steering upright...
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    chain tensioners

    Going with a fixed mount for the motor, so I was curious what kind of chain tensioners everyone is making. Some pictures would be awesome, gonna weld the mount up when I get home so with some luck might get to test it this time home. Thanks
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    520 chain

    Do I need to switch to the 520 gears that is currently on the transmission or switch the transmission to the 35 chain and sprokets. If I do go with the 520 gear what would be close to start with. The bike has a six speed transmission and is a 250 4 stroke. I have not had much luck finding any...
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    the process

    Moving over from open flatheads to the uas. I looked at the schedule in florida, might be able to make one race. From what I have read the application process is I have to enter that race after I apply then the process is complete. Does it matter if I enter in my home state, might not get to...
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    Evinrude 140 outboard

    Way off topic, but my search on the net is going dry. I just replaced the water pump put it all together and started it up and the buzzer goes off after about 5 min. I have water coming out of the foots six little holes on both sides, the front, and the exhaust. Nothing is coming out of the...
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    thanksgiving thunder

    who all is going to thunder on a falcon. Ill be there with the fire hawk and my seks box stock in bsp heavy classes. cant wait to meet the man behind the karts we run. thanks brad. centsless racing.