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    Delaware and Tipton Speedways Open/Limited Series

    Delaware and Tipton Speedways will be hosting a 6 race series for Opens and Limited class Karts. Delaware Speedway dates are June 1st, June 29th, Sept. 7th. Tipton Speedway dates are June 9th, July 10th a Wed. night Fair race, Aug. 4th. Should be fun! Delaware Speedway is a 1/8th mi. and Tipton...
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    King of the Corn

    Any info on classes being run would be great. What is the tire rule? Thanks for any info!
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    Coyote Oval Rocket

    What years were they built. Have a really nice one stuffed in a barn.
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    Delaware Speedway 14.5 ci Class

    Bring those hot small blocks out and run um!
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    Delaware Speedway 14.5 c.i. Class new in 2018

    See rules for their new 14.5 c.I. class on Facebook. I know of 3 or 4 karts planning on getting it off the ground.
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    Delaware races

    Is Delaware racing this weekend?
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    14.5 c.i. Class animal or honda?

    Currently running a Stroker Animal. We can't run a billet block or head in this class so that eliminates the Blockzillas. Would the gx200 Hondas be worth taking a look at? How would price compare to the Animals? Thanks for any opinions or feed back.
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    Delaware Sunday Race 8/6

    What time does the gates open and races start?
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    World Formula air cleaner

    Running an S.A. World Formula carb on an Animal. Only air cleaner that fits that I can find is the green air filters they generally run. Just wondering if anyone knows of a larger air filter than the green filters. If anyone knows the p/n# to a larger filter please let me know. Have looked...
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    Gator clutches

    Anyone had any experience running them on a modified animal? Found them on sale cheap! Any info would be great.
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    6 spring Bully 2 disc.

    I can set my stall at 5200rpms but will it screw up my aluminum basket?
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    Stock appearing animal carbs

    Don't have time for trial and error doing one myself. Who does a good job on stock appearing animal carbs? THANKS!
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    Stock appearing animal carb

    Looking to put a stock appearing animal carb on a stroked animal. It's .030 over bore with a big valve head. Who does a good job on stock appearing carbs? Any suggestions would be great. Just don't have the time to mess with it myself anymore. THANKS!
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    King of the Corn

    Need info on King of the Corn race. Classes being run, tire rules ect. I know it's posted on Facebook but I don't have Facebook. Any info would be great! THANKS!
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    King of the Corn

    I know it's early but any info yet?
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    Blue Vegas

    Looking for suggestions on prepping Blues for a low bite dusty track. Currently run Yellows and they are fast but have heard there is a lot of speed to be had with the Blues. Blacksand cut 50/50 works real well here with the Yellows here. Never have run the Blues and want to give them a try. Thanks
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    Red Vortec clutch

    Thinking about trying one out on my clone. Looking for feedback on them.
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    IKF 4 cycle Speedway Nationals?

    Where and when are they this year?
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    Sept. 26 Delaware Speedway $ Race?

    Shows a money race listed on their schedule. Just looking for info on payout and what classes are being run. Thanks!
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    King of the Corn

    Any info on this upcoming race at NKK?