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    Help with frame info.

    Check bearing hangers for serial number.
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    In need of used rear Hoosier. Quincy illinois area.

    Anyone in the quincy Illinois area have any used rear Hoosier tires for sprint racing? I tore the side wall of one of my tires. They’re 6.0/11.0-5 r60b. Some that aren’t too bad and are pretty cheap. I have a cheap budget right now and there’s a race on the 17th.
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    Graphics in need.

    Does anyone have the kg fp7 template? I’m trying to find one so I can print some graphics for my kart.
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    sellout danville il

    How much for the mychron?
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    Need help with caster.

    Awesome. I guess it’s worth a shot then. I’m going to use the sniper pills. then I’ll go see if I actually notice a difference on the track or not.
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    Need help with caster.

    I’m just going off of what he told me. He said caster will effect the jacking and side bite of the kart. So lowering it would help with using the lower hp motor.
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    Need help with caster.

    Well I was just curious about my frame one night and got in touch with a guy who knows a lot about the emmick cobras(rod van dueson). It was my fathers kart and it’s from 98. It’s still a very competitive kart with the lo206 on it. But he told me to try to take caster out of it a little bit and...
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    Need help with caster.

    The blue kart is mine, which now has cosmetic upgrades. But which. I just trying to come up with a way to take some caster out to about 8 to 5 degrees instead of 10. Was going to add pills to the top of my spindles just like the red kart. Just wondering if that would work. I keep hearing...
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    Need help with caster.

    this is what the top looks like. It’s just a hole for the kingpin with a standard washer. I was going to try to get pills and machine the head a bit so accept the pill. Just didn’t know if making the adjustments from the spindle itself would be the same results as moving the kingpin.
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    Need help with caster.

    I own the blue kart. It doesn’t have pills(yet) just kingpin bolt. I was just wondering if and how do I instal the pills to the spindles. And if it would actually take some of the caster out. I run lo206 class in sprint asphalt and a guy who knows a lot about emmick chassis said I should find a...
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    Need help with caster.

    I have older style spindles. I’m trying to figure out how to adjust caster as in reducing from 10 degree to 8-5. I was wondering if mourning to the top of the spindles would work. And how would I do so. I have two pictures to reference it. The blue ones are mine, and the red is a picture of it...
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    Rock island

    Looking for a rough idea on gearing for lo206 medium for rock island? I heard 3.16-3.15 range. Anyone have any tips. This is going to be my first time running lo206 there. Any advice would help tremendously.
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    Mychron 4 for sale

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    Mychron 4 - $200 Shipped

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    In need of brake hub

    Looking for a 1 1/4 six bolt brake hub. Cannot find one online for the life of me. I have a 6 bolt vented mcp brake disk and it’s on 1 3/8 hub right now. I want to convert everything to 1 1/4.
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    In search of brake hub.

    I’m trying to find a 1 1/4 brake hub for the 6 bolt pattern vented brake disc
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    Thoughts on rock island Grand Prix corner changes.

    Was wondering if anyone had any idea what the changes would do to lo206. Turn one has slight right into the full 90 degree left and so does turn five. So if 3.16 was the target ration for the normal track. Would those small adjustments change that? Also would those quick turns need kart to be...
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    question about rear bumpers.

    I was thinking about switching to the pod style bumper for my lo206. I’m running a 1998 emmick cobra chassis. If I switch from the full hard metal bumper that I have now. Would it loosen up the rear too much to switch to the pod? I have the torsion bar out on the rear in order to loosen it up...
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    In need of 1 3/8 sprocket hub.

    Can anyone have one or know where I can get one? I’ve searched and searched online. Mine on my kart is bent and cannot find a replacement. If I had the money I’d just switch to 1 1/4. But currently I do not.
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    In need of Hoosier tires

    Anybody got the cheapest place to get 4.5 and 6.0 5” Hoosier tires for sprint racing?. A lot of tracks in my area are going to start making us run those only. Or if anyone is willing to trade a new set for a built flathead with a Noram clutch?