06 F350 dually questions

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Im looking at a 2006 Ford F350 4x4 Dually with the 6.0 engine. Im curious if anyone has pulled with one and what kind of mileage they got. I currently have a small 12ft trailer but looking to upgrade.
U better make sure the engine has been upgraded I had a 06 and it was junk had to put about $5000 in the motor and I know others who have the same issues
The 6.0 is honestly junk. If you can find a 7.3 turbo then buy it. The 7.3s are bullet proof and last FOREVER if treated right. The 6.0 was probably built on a Friday at 2:45. JMHO
Egr coolers go bad u need to put the egr delete kit on them and u need head studs in place of stock head bolts Because he stock head bolts stretch i had put 2 egr coolers on mine before I was told about this

I had up graded to the egr delete kit head studs a 4in exhaust with no converters and a programmer and cold air intake before I noticed any power in the truck when I was towing a 24 foot race car trailer I got tired of putting money into it so I sold it and went back to the 7.3 and it has plenty of power can't even tell ur pulling anything.

Me Personally I would leave the 6.0 alone unless u want to put money into it jmo
What Hollon3 said; bigtime problems with the EGR cooler, and blown head gaskets due to the OEM head bolts. EGR delete is the best way to go there, 2nd best is re-engineered replacement EGR coolers from the aftermarket. The headbolts need to be replaced with ARP head studs. Neither of these operations is cheap, so unless they've already been done or the price is cheap enough to cover the cost of doing them, best advice is to stay away from any year 6.0L Ford diesel. In general, both the Ram diesels and the Duramax's in the same year range will give better fuel mileage than the 6.0L. If you want to go Ford, go back to a 7.3L or get one after the 6.0L. Not every 6.0L has these problems, but it's a real crap shoot as way too many do, and not worth the risk unless the price is way better than an equivalent used Mopar or GM.
A 7.3 is by far the most reliable but guys don't like to let go of them.

Head studs are a must. If the head bolts stretch and the head lifts up you get coolant in the cylinders and not to mention all the other problems those gaps can cause.

And the egr cooler problem is also directly linked to the head gasket failure because the egr is unable to keep exhaust gas temps down causing the coolant to boil. And without the right amount of coolant circulating the operating temps go way up and can cause head warping and blown head gaskets.

If your going with an aftermarket egr cooler make sure its a round tube and not a square tube. The square tube ones on 04-07 6.0's are more prone to get blocked up with carbon and oil buildup and egr valves are a very common problem on every 6.0.

I would go with a 6.4 or a 6.7 if you can't get a 7.3. But if you decide on the 6.0 GET IT BULLET PROOFED. This costs a good chunk of change but you won't regret it.
As everyone else has said, it would be best to stay away. I had on 06 and the head gasket blew at 102,000. Between having that repaired and the EGR issue, it was going to cost me well over $5,000 to repair. I really wish I would have researched it better prior to making my purchase.
Why cant you use a good head bolt from ARP instead of a stud? Is the EGR delete kit hard to install? Was the $5000 repair bill to fix warped heads also? Just trying to figure out what cost so much.
Holy crap...lol.
Man you diesel guys get bent over on parts cost... Those ARP head stud kits are almost $600.
6.0 powerstroke can be made into good engines, but nothing is cheap working on these. EGR causes most of the problems. There a ***** to work on. We have about 12 or 15 in our fleet. There is a lot of good info out here on the web about these engines. do your research and buy very carefully........
I had a 6.0 and mine was bullet proof.I added a programmer and ran the snot out of it and towed a 24 ft racing car trailer every weekend. I have heard people harp on the 6.0 alot but also alot are just going by hearsay also. For a crappy motor they stayed the best seller in super duty trucks so all coulden't have been that bad. Yes the cab can be taken off to work on the motor but not because it has to be but because it easier to undo 6 cab bolts to get to it better. I traded mine for the 6.4 and that motor was awesome but the regeneration on it as on all newer diesels killed the gas mileage but easily by passed. Dodge has a great diesel but sorry truck.Chevy has a great tranny but a weaker made truck and people say ford has the best truck and the least favorite motor until the 6.4 and 6.7 so anyones guess is good I guess!
I have a 7.3 dually and I might get about 13 towing a 20ft v nose trailer at 80+mph. It might be a tad more with the programmer on it but not a lot. I got the same mileage with a 12ft flat nose trailer. I have talked to many people with the 6.0 engines that loved them then a handful that had issues. They get better mileage than the 7.3's. I was told the 7.3 want give me any issues, well I have issues that are so random every time I go to work on it, they magically disappear and it runs fine. The comfort level and ride quality is what will keep me in the f350, not the motor, trans, fuel economy. Buy what you like not what you think is going to never break. I used to sell parts, they all break some just hurt your wallet more. Diesel service is a bit higher but not bad if you can change your own filters and oil. Good Luck,