'06 Ford 6.8 V10


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Just wanting to get some info on this engine. Pros and cons. How many miles will these things run? I'v been a diesel man but just sold a Cummins because I don't use it enough and want to buy something cheaper to just let set but beable to use when I need to. The person with the truck says it is the 3 valve style engine.
I know they suck a lot of fuel! Me personally wouldn't buy a v10. Just never heard good things about them, but I have never owned one either. If your using it just to haul trailer or something its probably ok? Anythings good though If you take care of it. My dodge has 207,OOOmi! Not much help for ya!
Our shop truck is an 01 Excursion with a v-10. It has 260,000 on it and still runs and pulls great. It does use a lot of fuel but is that really a consideration when buying a big truck? (Ours has an 8 inch lift and 38x20s lol so that may hurt the mileage a little!) We had the option of buying a diesel at the same time as I was working at a Ford dealer but I choose the gas burner because I couldn't justify $100 oil changes, $4.00 a gallon fuel, and the expensive parts needed when it comes time for repairs. If I was towing everyday and long distances with a heavy load I would've choose the diesel.
Yes that will be a 3 valve. There great engines. It will not get good gas mileage but it will get you to the track and it will start when you hottie key, unlike most diesels. If they have any service info I wouldn't shy away from it. Clean oil is huge in any of the 3 valve engines. Good luck.
I have a 99 F250 V10 and have a 150,000 on it , I really like the truck and power (don't mind feeding it if it works) I had to replace some of the exhaust manifold studs which is common on these trucks, also some were know to blow plugs out of the head but I think that was on the older ones like I have... ( I haven't had that problem) .....It does like its fuel I get about 6-7mpg towing with a 20' enclosed trailer. I have mine in the shop now getting some paint work done because I plan on keeping it.... if I were to get another truck Id look for another V10
We don't race anymore that's why I sold the Cummins. I will however occasionally pull a 20' enclosed. The Cummins got 3000 miles put on it in the last 3 years, not fiesable to let it set. I really don't use a truck for much ( I have a company truck ). I want a very reliable truck with around 100,000 miles that I can jump in and drive across the country. The guy says he gets 15 mpg but I find that hard to believe when my company truck with a 6.0 only get 10-11 mpg.
I would be shocked if you ever got over 11 or 12 with a v10. Like I said good motor. Feel free to pm me if you want to bs about it.