06 phenom 1/10 mile indoor dirt flat

Info I was given on the Icon was:
1 3/8 front stagger
1 1/4- 1 1/2 rear stagger
I prefer to run the rf in the rear position on our karts, had trouble in the turns in front position.
I would be looking at .75 lft camber and 2.5 right
46.5 frt
lft and cross can not remember both in the 57-58 range
factory set up says 56.5 -57-5 lft with cross 2% higher then left.
My standard 1/10 mile setup for a Phenom is 57 left, 46.5 nose, 62 cross, +1/2, -2.25, 7 and 10 castor, 1.5 front stagger, 1.5 rear. If the track bites up well you can typically get on more RF camber.