06 phenom at carnesville, georgia


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Assuming this is for Clone Heavy...

Nose: 46.0%
Left: 57.5%
Cross: 63.0%

LF: +0.5
RF: -3.25

LF: 8
RF: 12

Front: 1.375"
Rear: 1.0"

Toe: LF out 1/16"

Rear track width: 39.25"

alvin l nunley

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Phantom has a link to their web site at the top of this page, have you looked there? They have percentages for all their karts.
Now I suppose those are just generic set-ups, but I would think they would be a good place to start. Of course if someone has real experience with that track, their advice would be what I would follow.


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Isnt that a lot of cross for a heavy class?

Yes, it's a lot, but it will be a rocket if you can get the tires under it. The set-up I originally posted was more on the conservative side, but if you can make it roll with more cross, you will make more speed.


best way to mount a select seat in these go karts seat height and where to put it on the upright im shooting for 65-66 cross


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I'd put the RR 4.25" or so off the motor rail, front sliders 3/4" from being all the way forward, seat back at 9", front of seat 1/2 to 3/4" left of center to the steering upright.