07 falcon vs 04 shadow vs 03 nemesis

I would have to say the nemesis, you still see alot of people on them and they can still compete with the newer chassis just about anywhere if you have the setup and tires right and a good driver behind the wheel. On a local level, they can really be competitive
The falcon will still win on any day... We have a 07 and an 08 falcon and we can not get rid of them as they fly. We have been very good up north on them and have newer stuff but just love the way the falcon responds to changes and is still forgiving. Without a thought I would ride the falcon!!!
what would be the best deal The 07 falcon comes with everything but motor and tach for 850 the shadow needs motor tires body and tach for 500 and the nemesis is race ready for 750
The shadow is a bad fast kart but thats a lot of years on it which also means a lot of laps that could be on it as well.