08 Icon indoor setup


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Below are the numbers I run at my home track (med bite banked 1/9 mile, what changes do I need to make if any when going indoor racing (low bite flat track), oh and I run super heavy? Thanks in advance for any advise.

Cross 63
Nose 46.5
Left 60

Castor 7/10
Camber +.5/-2.75
Also I normally run 1.5" stagger front and rear and the seat is 8.5" off the axle. Any help is appreciated.
Honestly, if the kart has been fast the way it is on a 1/9 mile track I wouldn't change anything before going to the track and seeing how the kart runs - no need to create a problem if there isn't one.

I don’t race oval, and people get on me for saying anything, but it would be interesting to know what the turn radius’s are. What’s the distance between the straights and how long are they?
If it is significantly less than the track you now race on, you might want to try more rear stagger.
1/9 mile = 587’ Does that sound right?
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