08 tie rod end question


Which holes should the tie rod ends be in on the spindle arms. Also which hole on the steering shaft. I was told all the way back on the right and the middle hole on the left and center hole on the steering shaft. I have never did this.
Raced this weekend for the first time in six years. I think the tires were ok but I feel like I need more weight on the front. Not sure but I am going to try that. Just felt like the front was light and like it was on balance bearings.
Just wondering about the tire rod end position.

alvin l nunley

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Margay's steering set-up works out to be very close to right, it seems to me. You hav each tire follow the correct path, why would you want to change that? Seems to me, if the tires are not following the right path, one or the other is scrubbing off speed. There's always a chance I'm wrong.