1/12 to 1/10 track


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Looking to run my son in the opens on some smaller tracks. I want to build a big block, was wondering if anyone could give some set -ups to compete with the 2 strokes? Thanks Alot
im thinking about going small block clone with open with the tracks that run uas rules to keep weight down a 214cc = 285lbs kart for us lighter guys
The 390 really likes the dyno cams 308 grind.... I wouldn't use ratio rockers with that cam unless ur on a bigger track
On that small of a track you don't have to get crazy with the engine parts. This will make more than plenty than you can hook up on the bullrings.
X2 on what Brian said. Lately we've been trending towards LOWER HP motors. Gobs of power is always fun, but isn't always consistent. Small tight bullrings corner speed is king. Hard to do sometimes with big HP and torque unless ur absolutely KILLING tires with prep. 1/5 mile or more with high bite tho, the biggest motors we have are bolted on. 1/10 mile or less and we try to stay around 30 HP.
What would be the way to go if I was looking to get 30hp out of the 390? I was hoping to get a 14 race season out of it also so.Thanks for the input guys.