1.2:1 or 1.3:1 rockers on open motor


okay i need to know what would benefit me in the top rpm range with the isky 315 1.2's or 1.3's i heard that valves tend not to flow much over .350 lift, i need as much top end as possible, im running 28.5/27 valves in a 14cc head milled 0.60 and of course its ported, tilly 304 (gas) re-worked, and my gearing is 15/53 i know im not gonna have barely any accel but thats what i want, im running a very large oval, barely any let off in the corners, it dosent seem like the 1.3s would hurt any, tell me what you think
You should have plenty of exceleration with that cam. I would run 1.2's, you probably will have a top end problem but not because of the cam, it will be because of the head being too small. With the 1.3's your gonna get smoked off the corner and on the start unless everyone else has 1.3's too. What else is done to the motor? Big bore, stroker? I wouldn't worry about top end, that cam will roll on the top end even with the 1.2's plus races are won off the corners not down the straits. Corner speed = strait away speed!
thanks guys but im running a drag straight or a very large oval all i need is top end, the straights are 1/4 mile and the corners are so big i cant let off the gas or ill get passed
it is stock stroke and bore for now, dave lewis said that the 28.5's would work good for the carb i have because of the cam and rocker combo im getting,