1.3 rocker arms


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Are 1.3 stamped rocker arms original equipment on another engine such as a smaller gx model? I am hoping to source some off an old used engine if I knew where they came from.
I believe the ones like you mention are sold by Raceseng.
I think they may supply them with a standard, or roller tip.
The standard would be by far the least expensive, and work very well.

Probably no adaption work, or push rod change needed.
Upon thinking about this, that is probably the best option.
DLR engines has had the stamped versions for quite some time now. Getting a hold of him to order might be the tricky part there though!
If you can find a Xia Cheng 200 all you have to do is unbolt them - we used to have about 20 laying around the warehouse. They are the yellow-green motors with the round gas tank.

They used to have a big presence around here but I haven't seen one lately.