10 Tooth Clutch Options


Researching 10T options for indoor events.

Appears there is a special bolt on system for bully clutches but must be run outboard. Interested to hear the true risks of running this from folks with experience with it. Is is really a risk to damaging a crank?

The other option I see is the MaxTorque drum clutch option that can be run inboard. Has anyone had success running this clutch on plate clone motors? Do the pro's of a 10T outweigh the negatives of a less aggressive clutch?

I'd still choose to be on a disc clutch over the MaxTorque.
We've run the Bully arena clutch option on flatheads and animals for years with no issues with the crank.
Now, "some" clones still have a cast crank, so that might be an issue, BUT with a small plate class, I wouldn't be as concerned about it.

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