1000 plus jackpot! Oklahoma!

Friends! Here it is! Iv had this idea ( this dream ) in my head for sometime! Today we put the wheels in motion!

I will be taking 1000 dollars from my own pocket and putting it towards a special event!

Let me start by saying - I'm currently working on get other groups / entity's / businesses involved to add to the total jack pot...... This means if someone decides to add money to the jackpot you will get my own personal money plus that ( added )...... If bill gates decides to add one million dollars - you will get that one million plus my 1000........
I'm pushing for this to grow and grow!!!!

That being said - here are the details!
This is not a event you will just show up and simply pay (pit pass) and (entry fee)........ In order to take part in this event Driver's will be required to make a minimum of 25$ donation to a registered charity of there choice - such as habitat for humanity - the wounded warrior project - St Jude's - or such....... Each time a driver makes a donation - their name is placed on a slip of paper and that slip is added to a (Hat).......
If a driver donates 4 times that drivers name will be added 4 times.....
The amount of money donated is irrelevant - it is the donation it's self that is key..... ( We may have something special for the driver who donates the most dollar amount - trophy or plaque or such ).........
Again driver's choice of who he donates to - it can be local fire or police even......

The goal - Is to get everyone to donate at least Everytime they race! Recognize the blessing you have by being able to chase a dream - by being able to race! Pass along the blessing! There is no minimum number of donations - one is enough

When - my current hope is July 4th weekend of 2022.

Wear - Oklahoma ( Track pending )

Class - pending but leaning towards NKA clone!

Yes - you will still pay for pit pass and entry fees - my hope is top 7 pays ( this may change - maybe top 5 ) this will have to be worked out with the track...... Top spot ( 1st ) walks away with complete jackpot...... 2nd and back will pay normal 70% to 90% payback for top spots....

Anyone can take part - doesn't matter what part of mother earth you stand on - doesn't matter what class or series you race - make donations upto a select cut off day..... Show up with a NKA clone and be ready to race.......

The day of the race - we will draw names for the heat races..... ( The more donations you make - the greater the chance of drawing a good starting spot )....... Heat race finishing will set staging for ( dash ) and or ( mains ).....

I still have some parts to work out ....... But this is the unofficial plain!!!!!

Speaking from my personal experience - I have been blessed! A year ago my future looked rough and scary...... I had climbed out of a dark hole but my path outside that hole was unclear - God / the universe blessed me! Within a year not only was I able to get my life headed in a right direction but I was able to join all of you in the amazing world of karting!
I have been blessed with my friends here on the forums - Chris cooper gave me my start! He sold me my first kart for 1000! Iv won several races and have a lock on the number one spot in points...... It's not because anything special about me - it's because of this group - this forum - filled with great people like all of y'all - I couldn't have had the success I had if it wasn't for y'all!!!! 1000 dollars that got me my start and will now be paid forward! My hope is to bless everyone in some way!

If you get to take part in the joy of karting...... You to are blessed! You have a great job - you have great people/family backing you! You have something to count as a bless!

Let's pay it forward! Let's make the world a lil better!

I would like to hear opinions and thoughts from all of y'all - post below your thoughts - inbox me if needed!
I will keep y'all updated......
The hope is to have everything official January 1st 2022! On that day I will make the final official announcement for rules!
Thanks to -
Chris cooper
Gary and Cody Sinclair and all my family at coody creek speedway in muskogee.
Larry Adams
Eddie Corona
Jason Simons
Everyone at Bob's karting!