1st Annual Jeff “BIGBOY” Derrick memorial HANGING ROCK KARTWAY 9-26-20 full details below

Predator rules!
5500 rpm
Rpm will be check by throttle arm not gas petal
Claim $160
Remain stock
Can run any spark plug
Can unhook oil sensor and vent hose and gas cap can have holes for vent
Gear rule 21-54 all classes except pred super hvy classes they will be 21-56

far as fh they are open pipe ! Still some parking left get it before it’s gone some good $40 spots and $25 spots still available all other is sold out
Yes will try to have a lineup first of week along with online registration plz keep look on my fb page Earl Derrick as I’m not on bobs a lot thank y’all hope to see everyone there
Just a reminder on predator rules for the 1st annual Jeff “BIGBOY” Derrick memorial race 9-26-20 @ Hanging Rock Kartway


Remain stock
Rpm rule 5500
Will check rpms by the throttle arm not gas pedal

Claim $160, anyone from 5th up can claim and no claiming backwards

Gear rule 21-54 all adult predator classes except predator 425/450 gear rule 21-56

Motor needs to remain “stock” looking on outside meaning stock muffler and stock carb no clone carbs etc we be making sure it’s a sealed carb on there from the factory cause we know there’s 3-4 carbs that come on the predator so make sure it’s sealed carb and has stock muffler we will be “visual” checking and believe me we know what we are doin!

Thank y’all!
Earl Derrick

No need to comment or state a opinion this is what it’s gonna be just putting it out there !