1st anual flickerwood outlaw kart nationals


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67000 square feet building, arena is 110' by 215' seats 1200 people, 10 mins from 1000's of motel rooms,
jackson mo, at flickerwood arena
jan 4th, practice at 3 races at 5,

125, 250, 450, 500 all in 1 class weight breaks for smaller hp karts age limit 12 and up, oka rules other than age, box stocks and rest box we will run you with 4 or more.
Pay outs and entry fees to be anounced i am still working on sponsers for this event.
Face book at, flickerwood arnea racing.

Working towards a 1000 to win and a large trophy of course the promoter of the event is exited to have us. flat karts also there
Let me know what you guys think any other ideas ect.
Does anyone have any info on this place? Do they run 500's regularly? Their Facebook page hasn't accepted my request, so I can't message them yet. The track looks nice! This is 3 hours from home and I would love to have a place that close to run at in the winter.
this is inside an the track is very small maybe 1/10 if that an flat as a pancake its a horse arena nice place but small for thoses kind of karts