2 Kpv engines + 212cc predator


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Hi All,

Trying to clean out some stuff in the garage here is what I have for sale.

First KPV engine was built by MCR motorsports in Bakersfield CA only run once and not in a race setting. has new style clutch clean and in good shape.

Second KPV is old style clutch. Engine ran fine before I took the carb apart (learning two strokes as I go )I didn't have any carb cleaner so I just tried to clean it out with some alcohol, but it only ran a few laps after I took it out and quit on me. I'm certain it will run fine if the carb is cleaned and put back together correctly. Don't have two much info about the engine originally purchased from a man in Wisconsin with his kart. Has been run about 5 times in the last 4 years.

predator 212
This was my intro to karting engine. I bought a predator from harbor freight a few years back. Learned as I went. Engine has an arc billet rod (stock length) arc billet flywheel. Dyno camshaft (might be able to look on the cam and confirm exactly what model). Upgraded springs and rods. Also purchased a new carb (I'd have to look all the specifics up I honestly can't remember at this point what cam/carb exhuast pipe it has on it). Also have a chain guard (that has been cut to better fit the kart) and motor mount. Fuel pump will need to be replaced or rebuilt wasn't working like it use to. Can include hillard blaze clutch (fairly certain it is the blaze - I can double check). Engine is currently taken apart and would need new gaskets to be put back together. I certain with a new fuel pump the engine would run well. Never raced it just took it to the track about 5 times in 4 years for some family fun.

Can provide photos of anything. Looking to sell everything to try my luck with the thumperx engine and no way the wife will let me justify buying it. Hoping these engines can get me close to where I need to be to pick up a thumper. Prices are below buyer pays shipping.

KPV 1: $550
KPV 2: $350
Predator: (well send all parts but won't be assembled) $250

Would prefer to sell things as a group, but can sell them individually. Prices are firm - parts of the predator are worth more than what asking. The Kpv 1 cost me about 500 for the engine, but it wasn't running well and I paid 900 bucks to have it built only to ride it one time. I've decided two strokes are far to temper-mental for what i plan to use the karts for (taking employees out as an incentive for the business I own).

Located in central Florida