200 crank in a GX 160

dang... you posted your thread while i was finshing mine. way to make me a liar... lol i made a comment about it being the first thread. lol
No have not had it on the track yet.still sitting on my engine test stand.

My run in stand is like 1/2 a dyno.what I did was used a old
set of tires filled with foam to add weight 12x8-6 on 10 rims
have a tac also set up on it.short short axle and 75 gear.
one tank for alky and one for gas.
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Well this did not get off the ground lol.

Anyway for those who would like to try this build
here is what will need to be done and what you
will need.

The first thing is getting the 200 crank shaft
then you will need to get the following parts.
or if you have the 200 then you will need the
gx160 block.first thing you will see that the
196 or 200 has a taller spot on the block
for the rod to clear.on the 160 you will see
that its flat and not like the 196 or 200
so some grinding will be needed to
be done.you do not have to go through the
block but you will need to make like a channel.
the other thing you may have to do is grind
some of the top rod bolt on the billet arc
rod too.not to much more then that.
then do a mock up with the following parts.
ARC 6234 short rod
Wiseco 1982/11132p2 piston
and you will need the .490 wrist pin
check to make sure you have enough
clearance when turning it over by hand.
please note with the 1132p2 piston and you
are starting with a new block you will be fine
but using a block that has been used some honing
for the piston is needed.the rest is up to you
on what head valves rockers ect you want to use.
have fun.just thought I share
Well got the chance to test this motor out today.

It had great take off speed and wound up rather quick.
the down side it was just me and could not see how it
would stake up with the other 200 mod's.
rpm was 8800+ with a 13-68 gear.1/5 mile
dyno 356 with 37 springs.small valve with 14cc head and good porting
milled .040 tilly hl348 then changed it to a hl360
.020 bore.34 degree timing.J 930 pipe
still on the fence if it was worth it or not
only time will tell when the racing season starts next year.
Just want to how big of a difference will a 200 crank i my honda 160 ? How many CC's will it add ? My engine has the following set up .

Older 160 with 14cc head , ports are cleaned up pretty well .
ARC standerd rod
stock size stainless valves
champion rockers
26# springs
PVL fly wheel
Black mamba cam
22mm mikuni
custom built manifold port matched to head
Flat top honda piston
And head has been sanded on a marble slab , how much don't know but nothing hits
And a 9 thou head gasket
The motor is on a custom RUPP minibike . I'am running a hilliard flame clutch though a jack shaft and 8.33 to 1 gearing as of now , this thing pulls hard . But kinda boggs on the top end running a 130 main now and it seems a little rich so going to try a 125 . So what would a 200 crank do for my motor . I;am trying to keep up with my brothers mini a built him but he's running a GX200 super limited mod from NR racing and its bad asss . I need some help .
Putting the 200 crank in a 160 brings it to 196cc, the displacement will be the same but it is not a drop in modification, you need to do some research.
What your doing is basically is making a gx200 so to speak.the thing is the longer stroke crank
in a some what shorter block.if I recall your getting .100 more stroke.it will rev up faster.
the big thing here is make sure it all clears.to do this here are the parts you will need
if you have not read my post #7.like I said have built my share of modified gx200 or clone
so still on the fence on this.
Modifedman thanks for the response i think i want to do this 200 crank in my 160 thing .

I have a few ??'s
I know the honda crank is best but what is everyones thought on clone cranks ?
And here is the HP ?? with my set up and the 200 crank can this motor make 18 or so HP ?
Forgot to mention the motors got chromo push rods and the valves have been unshrouded also '
And i have another newer 160 on a air compressor with a 18cc head thinking about pulling it off and using it .
Has anyone ever tried this in reverse...Take a GX160 crank and put in in a 200 or 196 clone motor. Making a de-stroked, long rod motor. I was just thinking if possible this maybe a nice combo in a cheater stock clone. If you have pics, a parts list or know its an epic failure let me know. Thx.
You are losing 33cc no matter what advantage a long rod short stroke may give you, it will be tough to make up the 20% displacement advantage your competitor has. The 200 out torques the 160 by a big margin.