2004 R1 setup help


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looking for base numbers to set up 2004 R1 for 1/5 mile clay oval, Clone Heavy class.
stagger / camber / caster / cross etc suggestions.


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I can give you a baseline, maybe Jimmy Glen will come by in a bit, he ran them a bunch
1 1/4 front stagger
7/8 in. rear to start
-3.25 RF camber
+1 LF
68% cross, dont be afraid to go higher
55% LS
45.5-46% nose
Stock caster
Seat back 8.5 off axle
RR seat strut 3.5 off the motor rail
RR in as close as possible
39 in rear track


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pretty close to what I ran in heavy

we had 44 front and 56 left different from your take

our RR tire was a bit further out, maybe 1"

ran as high as 71 X on really hard tracks


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PS if you get anywhere close to these % kart will never push

matter of fact I only had one Infiniti push and that was an 02( 2st Ward built kart) push coming out and was an easy fix..