2004 Rage champ Nitro Jr


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I have the opportunity to buy a Rage 2004 jr Nitro Champ for my 9 year old. It was always raced on an asphalt oval and looks almost brand new. Is a 2004 chassis still good or have there been updates that would make it less desirable? It is $1000 race ready other than need dirt tires. Haven't been raced in 10 years but starts right up. He is moving out of a baby champ. Anything I should be aware of?


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I don't and never have raced champs . Everything I have heard about rage was good. 10 years back it must have a flathead on it . if they race them where you are that's good.
belts are probably out of date, seat size correct?


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I think you'll be just fine.
Seth won plenty of races on his '04 Rage at K3.
I wouldn't be afraid of using it at all.
Even if you put a few bucks into the engine freshen-up, you're still into racing a jr sportsman champ on the cheap.
Keep us in mind for all of your engine, clutch, and tire work.
We just might know a thing or two about setting that rascal up for K3 & Lake Village as well. ;)

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