2005 Blaze octane floor pans


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I have a 2005 ultramax blaze octane and I’m looking for some floor pans that will fit, preferably front to rear. I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find any. Would anyone know if a different type ultramax floor pan would fit or a different kart brand period??


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I had an Octane Blaze 2017-until I sold it a few months ago and looked hard but could never find them.
Exactly. I’d be ok with just the center floor pan. I have one, but someone that had it before drilled holes all in it and it just looks terrible. So I guess I’ll continue my search.


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I bought some ABS 3/16 sheets on Amazon pretty cheap, cut to fit (easy) and heated with a hair dryer to bend and contour, looked and worked great.
I made a floor pan for my go kart out of some aluminum. We had an extra sheet that was for something in our stacker trailer for the drag cars but we sold the trailer and had it laying around so I made one for my go kart. And I bent some sheets in a vice to make bends for it aswell. I am sure you could find one for a different kart and make it work.

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We used some diamond plate aluminum on my sons jr sportman and cut and bent to shape it... used the old one as a template to get basic measurements