2006 Trick Apex Set Up numbers


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Does anyone have the factory set up information for a 2006 apex or a email contact for Trick/Olympic. Website only has a phone and fax number and were out of business hours right now. Looking for factory numbers and also any variations for anyone running a 1/4 medium banked dirt track. Set up info for plate classes preferrred but will work off set up for adults
Call Trick directly and tell them what track, class and tires and they will give you a baseline.7048830089
apex champ numbers are as follows for a hard packed high bite teack
Left: 56-58%
Nose: 46.5%
Cross: 56-61%
Caster 8*LF 12*RF (I run it with 6*LF and 12* RF)
Stagger: Front 1 1/2, Rear 1 1/4
Setup manual always stated to run 1/2 pound less air in the LR than the LF and have a pound split between Left side and Right side tires.
I tend to run the cross on the high side but to do this you have to fine tune the left side, to much left with high cross and it will push rather hard off the corners.
I would recommend running a LR that's roughly 5 points harder then the right sides. In some cases however (wet/damp track) it's advantageous to run the LR at the same duro as the right sides on the APex champ.
Trick recommends running +1/2 on the LF and -3.25 on the RF. I tend to run the LF at 0 and the RF at -3 most of the time.