2009 Eclipse Galaxy Brake Rod Help

I am in the process of trying to get a recently purchased 2009 Eclipse Galaxy ready for my 8 year old son to race jr1. I have ordered the reverse pedals and seat, however the brake rod is throwing me off. It looks like on most chassis the master cylinder is behind the tie rods, on this kart there is a mount in the front left corner of the center in front of the tie rods. The shortest brake rod I can find is an 8" (runt) rod which is what is already on the chassis. Any suggestions?? I would need it to be 6" is this going to have to be custom?
Thanks for the response, I am almost tempted to relocate the master cylinder, but will probably just have Piedmont make a rod for me.
Just unbolt it and move the master cylinder back. You will have to make up a bracket for it. My oldest sons kart is a galaxy and the master cylinder is too far forward for my 6 year old that is using pedal risers.