2010 Badmax


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Is 56% cross to much for frozen dirt... I.E. marshalltown, IA. Flat, short fast track. Not sure of size. Kart handles fine but driver is new jr1 so I dont get very good inputs from him. Would you go up or down to make it roll through corners faster?
Thats the thing I cant really tell all that well with a brand new driver. To me it might get a tad loose coming out of corner. I just want to get a good set up for him so we can work on what it should feel like. I guess what im looking for is what would you change from u max basic Jr 1 set up numbers to go indoors to a short flat track with tight corners.
There's a guy on here, believe his handle is jake17j that runs marshal town fairly often and might be able to help. I can't help much cuz the one time I was there I was way off on my set up.