2010 eclips


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Give the shop a call in the morning they are rolling along nicely! I plan a visit Friday

And we are all looking forward to seeing you, Kyle. You have been a loyal supporter through the rough times and we appreciate it so very much. We've made some big changes and I'm happy you are coming to see everything in motion.
Be safe on your way and we'll see ya soon.

Tammy Ward

PS: We do have nerf bars in stock.
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I certainly haven't forgotten, Jamie!!!!!!!!!

You most certainly have! I hope you're doing well. I was just talking to someone about you the other day, and it was actually in a conversation about people who stuck with us during the worst. Give us a call sometime, it's been awhile.

Tammy Ward


Definitely the highlight of the trip guys, you all are top notch people and it was really nice finally getting to meet everyone and hang out with ya'll! Your personalities and kindness are second to none, felt like another family!

Everything is right on track folks, phone is being answered, online orders being processed, parts and chassis are in production, and the quality is phenomenal.

Thanks again Mike Tammy and Miss Marty for having us!!