2011 seraph setup


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What would be a good start for setup I’m 5’10 215 33a tires clone motor 1/8th mile dirt slight banking,2011 seraph,thanks



I’m in the same boat. Just bought some used Seraphs that were sparingly run in juniors. You can search the forums, like “seraph setup,” and see what people posted years ago. A lot of it ranges around:
46.5-48% font
57-60% left
60-64% cross

But I’d like to know if this is accurate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. One kart running Medium and heavy, other is a beginner junior.
You are definitely in the right ballpark. But there is a lot of difference between some of those numbers.
I have been running a Seraph for 9 years.
I am heavier . About 415
61 left I have ran as low as 57, but it bounces. My son,purple and gold ran 58 left
47.5 front
69 cross
right front in back hole
2.75 to 3.00 right front camber .5 left front camber
caster 7 10
1 1/2 in. front stagger
1in. rear stagger
Right rear as close to the frame as you can get it. track 39 1/4

Trick to seraph is tires!!!!! All the grip that you can put into the tire!
Don't be afraid on high grip track to go up on air pressure Sometimes a lot.
7 and 6 are my starting point Very rarely go down any at all.
All tires duro the same or left front a little softer.
Hope this helps. Seraph is tire sensitive, but once you get the "feel" for tires. They are fast!


Thanks for the input! I’ve seen in other posts that it’s all about tires. We got out of karts in 03 when we were running a Nemesis on HG3s, DXA and DXBs. Prepping for low grip tracks/smaller races and cutting hg3s at high grip tracks/larger shows. Now I see there are Vegas and Hoosiers in the mix. What is everyone on these days? We’re located in the southeast by the way (Northeast MS/Northwest AL).