2012 Epic front end question


I just got a 2012 Epic , and was wondering how you are suppose to set the L brackets up on the kart . The left side plate on the chassis has one notch in it , and the right side has 2 , about 1/2 apart , and l brackets have no marking at all . Any help would sure be appreciated !
That's how mine is. I cut a notch in the center of the L blocks, if you don't feel like doing that just line the front of the lf block up with the plate, the rf front line is for lead, same deal, line it up with front of plate for lead, or line up with back for no lead. I can send you pictures in the spring when I put them back for dirt
I understand you currently have no caster markes on your L blocks.
That being said
The caster marks used on any kart are not always correct. Some are some are not, even model to model.

If you want caster # best bet is buy a digital angle finder (around $40 ) Then you can always put a few reference on your L block at 4/8/12 so you don’t need the gauge all the time. Only thing you need to watch is if you start changing ride heights front/rear it chances you caster ###