2012 helix brakes

I bought a 12 helix and I am not sure what kind of caliper it has on it. I assume they all have the same one and if so can someone let me know what it is. I am in bad need of brake pads but not sure of the caliper style so I don't know what kind or where to order. Thanks
Some had Minilites, some had house-made calipers. If there are no markings or anodizing, it is probably a Ward caliper. Call the shop for pad information.
Ok, I have called two days in a row and emailed ward with no response at all? Anyone know what's up with the customer service? Anyone know anywhere else that may carry these brake pads for wards caliper?
Hard to get in touch with unless you call early in mourning around 8am. Plus we have had a lot of snow around here and ice. Keep trying and they will get back to you.