2013 slack set up issues

Gotcha, our Pursuits might too lol, I just never messed with them. If you need to do it, get it done.
The pursuit has them, but when they went to the xpect that took that pill cover out. So instead of being able to pull the cover off and flip it. You now have to pull the bottom of the cassette out.


I run a 13' axiom every week. My base setup is what comes from slack and I adjust from there. I have learned to only move the left rear in or out and adjust cross with the left front. My cross usually ends up around the 63.5 to 64 range. Our track is dry slick, dusty no grip, my kart usually handles well in those conditions. I think the kart is very tire sensitive, I have a soft set when the track holds water, usually spring and fall, and a hard set for summer dry conditions. Yellow vegas.