2013 triton


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Wht kind of numbers to try has a bad push no matter wht u do to it had an impulse loved it but wanted to try this triton but it just don't want to turn
Yea moved some camber tryed less stagger more stagger i can't figure it out from center off it pushes up track bad
The triton does NOT like high nose at all like the impulse does. 46.5 nose should make a big difference. The rest of the numbers don't look too bad.
Your nose is a little higher than what we designed the kart for. I'd bring the nose down to 47. You shouldn't be having a problem with the Triton pushing so if the change in nose doesn't get it get with me or Phantom to go through everything about the kart's assembly and setup because something is out of wack.

What tires are you running? What is the duro? Given the numbers I would look at going softer on tires reducing cross to 59 and less front.
Not that I know a lot about it, I've never raced on dirt, but I see some numbers you might take a look at.
You have a big percentage of the rear weight on left rear tire. If the stagger is not right, that might cause a problem.
To me it's a fundamental thing, too much rear bite, push, too much front bite, loose.
Whenever my sprint kart pushed I would narrow the front or widen the rear.
Being indoors, assuming there’s no banking in the turns, maybe you need more stagger. Do you have any idea of the radius of the turns? You said you change the stagger, but you didn't say how much.
1/5 mile is 1055 feet, that's a pretty big indoor track. If you knew the radius of the turns, my software might be able to give you a better idea on a stagger number.
Comments, compliments, criticisms and questions always welcome.
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Too much nose can cause a push, usually on exit. Also on a really tight track you could try using a different pill/slug in the rr (moving the rr Tire back), but I wouldn't suggest that until the setup is close and balanced fairly well.