2014 Charger "Dynasty" Press Release!

tomcat 80

It is with great pleasure that we will be releasing our new Dynasty chassis today. As many of you know we have been testing the new design for a while; the result being a top notch product that can win on any track and in any class. Along with the Dynasty Flat kart we will also have a Dynasty Champ design for all the buggy racers. We've also redesigned some of our components for the Dynasty. It will now come standard with Stainless Steel bumpers, nerf bars, seat struts & slides, brake & gas pedals...

If you're not a part of Team Charger, contact us today and let us help you take Charge!

Boomer Halk
C.R.C Inc.


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How Much for the Magnum with the
Motor Mount
Pedal Grips
Steering wheel
Tach Braket
Titanium brake line and Trottle cable
Full Floor Pan
And if axle lead is available then all the diff. pills also

Thank You
I think alot of people wanna hear what his explanation is to slower by the day. So step up bigcat6 & give all of us the reasoning for that quote cause the ones I've seen run was far from being slow.

X-Factor Preps

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The Retail Standard Package is $2335.
The Retail RS Package is $3100.

Standard Package
Charger Tilt Steering Wheel
Toe Lock
HP Axle w/button keys
All black laser etched & stainless steel components

RS Package
Chavous Body
Chavous Seat
Rear Floor Pans
Center Fairing
Center Fairing Brace
Motor Mount
Tach Mount
Chain Guard
Trottle Kit
Pedal Grips
Axle Collars
Metal Gas Tank
Catch Can
T-Shirt & Decal Kit