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BPR 212

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Has anyone heard that the max bore size is now 100 over, I heard it from a track owner is this true guys. Got one being built and would like to know.

Quite possibly this only applies to this track owner's track. I've seen a lot of tracks and series allowing .080 over. Seems like allowing .100 over would allow some worn out blocks to be bored and ready for more life without sleeving. If I were you I would contact whatever sanctioning body you intend to race under.
Most of the Flathead Limited races in the south, especially money races,have been limited to .080 over. Don't know why .080 is the magic number. Since Flathead Limited was rules were written byWKA about 30 years ago and they don' run that class anymore I guess tracks could decide to raise it up. Personally I would like it to be .174 over.
I really can't tell that much difference on my Dyno. The only way to find is is build a .020 over , run it on Dyno, tear it down and bore to .080 in the same day and try it again. I've never did that myself.
the impression I got from the track owner was that wka or who ever set the 80 over rule has now let it go to 100 to get more life from the block, its true here in the south flathead limiteds have made a comeback the last 3 shows I went to didn't have a class I could run my limited animal in unless I wanted use it up in an open or uas race and the big money was in fh limited . my engine builder said we could make some power at 100 over with some cam modifications and a few other changes I know nothing about. but I am like the rest of u guys I want the best and fastest junk I can get.
"I really can't tell that much difference on my Dyno" Thank you George! Thats what I wanted to know.

I would like to see two classes... FH and Animal Limited.

Reason: The last three years there has been some really big FH limited shows (all of the .80 over btw) and all the Animal Limiteds have been sitting in the trailer and there value has dropped. A support class at the UAS IMO should have two options to run Limiteds. Just a thought... Roadkill has a great idea!

Ive been a trophy sponsor the last two years and I dont mind doing it again. This race is always on my wifes birthday so its been impossible to go to Lasokys.
The fhead ltd. 40 lb break, has whipped the legal OHV ltd. mod quite frequently.
In fact, Dee, you and I....and I think Alex saw that happen at (I think) two tracks a couple/three years ago.

One was at the Summerlin memorial, as I recall.
Since there are no local, state or federal laws regarding Flathead Limited rules and WKA is pretty much out of it, I would say a track or promoter could pretty much decide on the maximum bore as they choose.
Depends on what rules you are running under. under the old WKA rules, stock unaltered valves only. the stock ex valve is stainless.
If you stay with the .080 over bore you can run it any where that your going to run around Alabama and Georgia.If you go with the.100over you may be limited to just a few tracks.With the luck we have been having this year I would be scared to run 1 that has been bored out that far without a girder.