2014 Il.&In. OPENS Series Schedule


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This will be 10 race series for Opens using UAS rules. Races to be held at K3 karting Kankakee Il. and
US 41 Raceway Lake Village In. Races at K3 will be 5-3 6-7 7-12 8-9 10-4. Races at US 41 will be
5-24 6-21 7-19 8-16 10-25. All Races will be $30 entry and 80% payback.
These are Sat. races for Open Outlaws using UAS rules to give Opens another place to race.
It has nothing to do with the Il. Uas or the In. UAS. I have not seen a In. UAS schedule yet.
Y do the UAS race rules if it aint a UAS races
IMO UAS rules scares alot of people off
even though for the most part 99.9% of the people already meet UAS weight
UAS weight rules work, they level the feild for different eng. combinations. Like Travis said 95% people
already make weight . Both tracks have a 15 yearold driver rule, there is no membership required.
Bring them OPENS out and have some fun.
The Illinois UAS schedule is listed in the sticky at the top of this thread for the UAS schedules if interested ZIP.