2014 Maxxis Nationals?


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I remember seeing somewhere on the old forum the dates for the 2014 maxxis nationals. Does anyone recall what that was. I have to put in for my vacation now for next year and I want to leave that open
Red Plate Beginner Class at the MAXXIS Nationals

I see that this year there seems to be quite a bit more interest in the beginner red plate clone class for 5-8 year olds. My son will be running the Tri State Pro Series red plate class which should qualify us for the Nationals, however there hasn't been a red plate class in the past. Just wondering if anyone knows if they will be adding that class to the MAXXIS Nationals lineup for 2014. Thanks in advance for any help.
This has always been a class at nationals. They call it chasin racin kids and to the best of my knowledge, everybody is invited.