2014 prc triton racing chassis year end sale!!!!

Jody Pierce

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NEW FOR 2014

2014 Triton Jr Racing Chassis
This new PRC Triton Jr kart is specially designed for the junior drivers to transfer weight faster. It works very well in all junior classes. We are taking pre-orders now and shipping will begin in mid November! The New Triton Jr will be included in our end of the year chassis special.

Jody Pierce

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There are several changes. It is designed to transfer weight faster due to less weight and less horsepower. The frame, motor mount, front bumper, rear bumper, rear cassettes, body and tie rods are all different from the current Triton chassis.

We have them on pre-order now plus we are taking pre-orders so do not delay!


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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that much huh ?? LOL sorry couldnt help it ;) ^^^^^^^^^^^