2014 Scorpion

It's a great kart, raced it 3 times so far and have a win and 2 2nds, kart was fast enough to win them all, but driver didn't won't to skin the new body, already ordered another kart, you caint go wrong,,
Yes, just made the last couple of weeks. Also, they have a new style seat. I'll have a picture of all of it after day, after getting it together for racing tomorrow.

Sorry, been very busy working with the Kart. We have not got to race it, but we did practice yesterday with it at Woodleaf Speedway in NC. All I can say is the kart is VERY response to changes. We started with a tight kart and got it to turning the fastest times we ever turned there. We started with 46% front, 55% left, and 67% cross. After the first run, reduce the cross, I say to the low 60's have not had a chance to check it yet. The kart was still tight in center of corner. We checked the tire temps and the Right front had to much chamber, so we reduced it 1%. Next run the kart was excellent, but still check tire temps and had to reduce the left front 1/2 lb pressure. The tires after that were even on all four corners. I am very pleased with what I have seen with the kart. We will be racing it in the next couple of weeks and the rest of the year. Here are some pictures from yesterday and you can see my daughter's hands turning it hard in one picture: we fixed that.


Here are some pictures of the kart after the race yesterday, very dirty.....

Photos on our Facebook at 1st Place Motorsports LLC of the new 2014 T/O Scorpion. Great kart and we usually have a few in stock so no waiting ! Thanks Roger 240 362 4401 Brad 240 362 4402