2019 OVKA Swap Meet ( FYI)

Dover Power

WE have been a attendee of this swap meet as far back as the Ice Rink in Troy Oh.. Never missed a year.. Many of you have learned we have the things in most part you need for your racing efford.. And at the BEST Prices in the Entire USA.. This year will continue that tradition... We are labeling this year,

"Its ONLY $5 Dollars"

You will not beleive what $5 will buy in Racing Parts... You had better shop us before you throw your money down else where... Due to respect for the other vendors we will not publicize our pricing stradigy...

2019 Racing Engines
Thor Oil (40+ Cases)
Clone Long Blocks, Short Blocks
Full Line up of Our Well Known Holey Moses Carburetor Line Up
Goldie Locks Disc Clutches (Lowest Prices in the 8 years we've sold them)
All your Karting Hardware Needs
Economy Engine Building Tools
Blueprinted Clone Heads from Stk Class to wild
Predator Engine parts Connection
And much much more.