2019 Racers Show hosted by the Cranberry Mall

Just a reminder racers.... The 2019 Cranberry Mall Racers will continue on! We will be moving into the Cranberry Mall on March 20th @ 9pm. The show will be the 21st through the 24th and will move out of the Mall on March 24th @ 5pm.
Also we are having Froggy, Magic and Rocky radio stations airing ads for the month of March. We want to say a big thank you to these business who made this possible! The Cranberry Mall, Bish Heating and Cooling,
Randy Wyant and Gabler's Garage. Thank you for helping us out.
So far the mall is filling up with Karts, wingless sprints, stock cars, and emods. If you are coming please let me know so we can be sure to have spots open. 8147580349 or message me.

Also if you have a picture please message me, or text. I would like to update the pictures on here.

We still are looking for a few more gift sponsors for the show. Thank you to NAPA in Cranberry for being a long time sponsor for the show. Always great handouts from them to the racers.

More updates to come soon!
2 weeks from tonight we move into the Mall. Hopefully it won't be this cold then! I do have a list of those coming. We still have spots left so he sure to let me know you are coming so I can arrange spots.

Also don't forget the swap meet being held Saturday morning @ 8am inside the old JCPENNEY store front. The doors will open to the public at 8am to 2 pm. Vendors will be able to setup Friday night and Saturday morning before 8. Please let me know you are coming for this. I have about 15 spots spoken for now. If you want to park outside that is fine. Or stuff can be carried inside and setup on tables. There is low heat in there now. May not be 80 degrees in there so dress appropriately.
Thank you all!
I will be attending the swap meet. Looking for a small seat. Mychron. And a wheeled kart stand. Anyone going that has those items let me know! Thanks.


Matt I so wish I had like 2 tractor trailers here to load up and bring all my stuff up, I could probably fill the old Penny's store up with all my items, lol.... I just can not make the show.. If anyone you know is looking for scales or more or less anything that is not at the show let them know I most likely would have it. Thanks DALE
Tomorrow night @9pm we move into the Mall. Anyone going to have a long night?.... Maybe call in sick tomorrow?.....

Also, the Swap Meet Saturday morning. If you an on selling please let me know. Have had lots of interest in guys buying stuff but not too many people have let me on selling. If there is no interest we may just cancel it. Please let me know if you want to sell