2019 Tech DVD


This new DVD is designed around doing tech on the kart without removing the engine. I had several requests to do a DVD of this fashion. Even though the engine is on my bench, I demonstrate all of the areas of tech that can be done without removing the engine. When it is time to profile the cam with the degree wheel then the engine needs to come off the kart and go in the shed. I inform everyone throughout the DVD that this is a procedure video. I stress proper procedure for using the teching tools. The previous DVD was edited so many times over the years as the rules changed I felt it was time for a new one. The DVD is close to 3 hrs in length.
Watch and take notes on anything you need clarification on. When you finish watching , call me and we will discuss your notes and anything else that may have developed in the rules that need addressed. I will send an application form for the AKRA certification for you to fill out in the event you decide to become certified. When you certify, you will receive a rules book and a laminated certification cards from AKRA. You will also have access to the AKRA tech forum for you to go to and ask questions or read answers to other tech questions. I also keep the techs updated to things that are taking place in the field that techs need to be aware of.
The DVD is not just for those who wish to get certified as a tech inspector. It is wise for anyone who is in the tech room with their engine to view this video so they are well informed of proper procedure during the inspection.
When purchasing this DVD and becoming an AKRA member, you will get my private phone number in the event you need to call me if you are in the tech barn and you don't agree with what is taking place. I don't care if it is 2 am in the morning. DVD is $40 shipping included. Call for more info. 570-515-0379 Thank You Don Gordner