2019 Ultramax Rival 1 1/8 vs 1 1/4 Tubing?


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I was hoping somebody could shed some light on this for me, i am interested in purchasing a new 2019 rival but one thing i am somewhat confused about is the difference between 1 1/8 tubing vs 1 1/4 tubing and what does that change about the chassis? I am going to be running a small block open motor, weighing around 395lbs, i usually race on a 1/7th mile dirt oval with no banking and very little grip, thanks for your time.

alvin l nunley

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Tubing stiffness squares with the diameter. Meaning, I think, a 1 1/4 diameter chassis is 4 times stiffer than a 1 1/8 diameter chassis. Whether this extra stiffness would help, I have no idea, but at 390 lbs. I would be tempted to at least try one. Kind of expensive if you're wrong.