206 class racing beginner


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I am considering getting an Intrepid Silverstone kart to race and practice with in a 206 class in MN. I have quite a few basic questions about it all, I appreciate any help you experts can offer!

1. Any good online sources to buy parts and tires?

2. How long do tires generally last? What's common practice for saving tires?

3. I assume that you work can do all your own work to maintenance the kart, is there anything that most people don't work on themselves?

4. With a kart like Intrepid Silverstone, what are your handling setup options? Can you adjust toe, camber and caster? Any good setup tutorials out there?

5. Anything I should know that is considered "common knowledge" please don't hesitate to tell me, because I probably won't know it yet!


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1-3-4 are generally yes .
2 - they last a while 2 sets a year for a beginner.
5- make sure what you buy can be raced at the track you will race at .