206 fuel problem


Little help will go a long way motors runs on stand but in fuel line neer top there is 2 inch gap in fuel going to carb .It ran off the start at Daytona got to the in field it would run out of gas take it back to the pits ran fine I did run pressure from the tank to fill gas line run fine but in race ran out of gas again.


Not sure what style of gas tank you have. But make sure the pickup tube is at the bottom of the tank with the weight still attached and no cracks in the pick up line. Then check the fuel line all the way to the carb. Re installing all the lines would be a good idea.

I had a problem like this a few times and come to find out the fuel line was being pinched under my seat by a weight on the frame. Or the pick up line was broken.

Otherwise I'd swap out the fuel pump. If changing the float height doesn't work.


Don't worry about the bubble in the fuel line, that's not your problem.

Do you have your fuel vented into the same can as the oil vent? Your problems sounds like what happens when the oil blow by pressurizes the float bowl. It will run on the stand as it doesn't create enough pressure to cause a fuel issue.


Guy's I put new fuel pump same problem have 2 catch cans one for oil one for fuel only thing drill bigger hole in fuel cap


Check for any small pin holes or cracks in the fuel pickup line inside the tank. We actually had a friend who had a small crack in the fuel line just under the screw on tank cap. But it wouldn't pump fuel at all.
If you take the fuel line off the carb, does it seem to pump a good amount of fuel when you turn the engine over? If it seems to pump fuel well, I'd suspect it's in the carb somewhere.
Be advised, there are folks on here who know a LOT more then me about this 4 stroke stuff!!! We're still learning.. and have a long way to go!!!!
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You have received a lot of good advise.
Check tank vent
Check and replace all fuel lines,
Including new filter.
Very few fuel pumps fail. But they do.

When you run out of fuel, but engine starts back up, could be as simple as a small kink in a fuel line. Or not big enough vent in tank or something blocking the vent. Or your pulse to the fuel pump is not sufficient.
Or it could be just a bad coil.or spark plug(unlikely). All of these are easy to replace, and not very expensive.


It sounds like you have an Aluminum tank with a valve on the bottom correct? You possible could have a piece of junk in the bottom of the tank and it is plugging the valve from the inside.


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When the engine dies measure how how many CC's of fuel drain out of the carb drain screw. Let me know what you get.