206, stock animal, pro gas, and modified animals all running in maos

If you plan to run all the Jr. motors together I will tell you that a blue plate animal will destroy a red slide 206........
5 karts or more creates a new class but these are the 2014 championship classes also the beauty of the slides is you don't have to change jets so we can adjust with a new slide if we have to. These classes will be modified in 2014 and tightened up as best we can. 206 is a great motor and is growing until its bigger this is my solution. We will do our best that's all we can do since there are so many engine packages it spreads competition thin and weakens karting all together.
Think about maybe a plate for the 206 in the future to tighten up the fields. Runs better with the slide but there are more options with the plate.
I talked to Briggs directly and they suggested running the slide first if we need to put a plate in with a Jr2 blue slide who knows but we will incorporate the 206 as it is a great engine package. We will get them as close as we can. I am not anticipating to many 206 motors the first year as they are not flooding the tracks but in the near future through testing you can run a $600 engine versus a $1500 one and be equal in overall times. Not many have run these motors with the packages I have put together and if they have they haven't spoken up. It can be done though its not impossible. I can gain access to a track if anyone whats to test a regular stock animal and a 206 provide the kart and motors and we can put this to rest. Granted it may need to warm up first.
Pro gas animal is great package. They are growing interest everyday for those who don't want to race a clone consider the pro gas animal as their rules are frozen for the next couple years. The costs and power are great for what the price. Call Steve Baker get yours for the Midwest Asphalt Oval Series today!
I would also suggest Rob Smith of Kart City Performance for your Pro Gas Animal. His motor won the first Senior Pro Gas Race as well as pole position and a second on day 2. Awesome product...