206 Super Stock


You can fool some of the people some of the time
With all the LO 206's with the original seal that are going to be phased out it will be an excellent time to convert them to a Super Stock.
The kit pictured below includes all the parts needed to turn it into a durable engine with almost 40% more horsepower.
The kit includes a 10:1 compression piston and rings.A bigger camshaft and valve springs, a billet connecting rod, a non rev limiting, coil, a new spark plug, a complete gasket set and methanol jets (if you choose that option) The current price for the complete kit is $389.95
There is no machine work required to build this more powerful engine. It's pretty much take the old parts out and put the new ones in. Plug and Play. The only thing you may want to do is hone the cylinder (usually) .005" for the next size larger piston.
Pistons come in standard, .005, .010 and .020" oversize.
I have a complete rule set for this package so it can be adapted for racing at your local track.
It makes more power than an Animal, a Pro gas and a World Formula and it's pull start. No electric starter needed.