Good, sure.

Best? I don't know.

What size valves, billet head, what size/flow carb? 308 with stock rockers sounds kinda small to me, but if you are running a stock carb and head, it might be enough. Even then, the additional cubic inches of the crank would make this engine combo very asthmatic with a 22mm carb.
To me, I'd rather build the engine "bigger" and make more power out of it then try to hook that power up. I've never met a customer that cried about having too much power. :)
308 with 1.3:1 ratio rockers sounds like a good combo to me with a good/big Mikuni and some decent headwork.

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I have a 3 inch model 15 with a stroker in it with a sachs billet head an a e.c x380 an run a 308 with 1.25 roller rockers. pvl. ign. run on a 1/8 mile track an motor is very strong. turning 8200. some people turn them much higher. hope this helps. joe